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Pre-Application Cleanser Brush Applicator

Prep & Primer

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    Get longer lasting wear from your Falscara wisps with this pre-application Prep & Primer. Infused with micellar water, this effective pre-step primes & cleanses your natural eyelashes to increase the adhesion and retention of your wisps.

    • Primes & cleanses your eyelashes for long-lasting wisp wear
    • Removes dirt & dust particles before applying wisps
    • Convenient, on-the-go, compact tube
    • Use with Falscara Wisps, Applicator, Bond & Seal, and Overnighter (each sold separately and in Falscara Complete DIY Lash Extension Kits)
    USE & TIPS


    1. Do not apply mascara before or after Falscara.

    2. Gently brush a light coat of PREP and PRIMER on your natural lashes to remove any dirt or oil.

    3. Let natural lashes dry for a few seconds and then brush a light coat of BOND on natural lashes.

    4. Use the included APPLICATOR to pluck a WISP from the tray. Pick up a WISP from the middle-outer end for optimal control.


    1. Gently place the WISPS underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline.

    2. Apply wisps starting from the outer corner of lash line, working inwards.

    3. Dab a thin coat of SEAL under WISPS to eliminate any sticky residue and hold WISPS in place.

    4. After applying SEAL under WISPS, use the APPLICATOR or your fingers to squeeze the WISPS against your natural lashes.

    FALSCARA Prep & Primer
    FALSCARA Prep & Primer
    FALSCARA Prep & Primer